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Revitalized Reception: The Gateway Project at 8th & Lime Streets in Fernandina Beach

What was once a drab and deteriorating welcome sign at the intersection of 8th and Lime streets has been rejuvenated into a vibrant gateway that warmly welcomes residents and visitors alike.

The Gateway Project - a collaborative effort between the city, Nassau County, Keep Nassau Beautiful, and Fernandina Beach Main Street - is a shining example of what can be achieved when a community comes together. Local volunteers, businesses, and city staff all played a vital role bringing a touch of beauty and community pride to this important intersection, which sees an average of 12,000 vehicles per day.

The project began as a vision to create a welcoming and eye-catching entrance to Fernandina Beach, showcasing the town's unique character and charm. At the heart of the project stands the newly restored Welcome Sign. While several design options were presented to the community, nostalgia won the day, making the new sign an inspiring combination of old and new; the sign’s original design has been reimagined by modern, local craftsmanship.

Once the sign’s design was chosen, the project began to blossom – literally!

The revitalized landscaping testifies to the project's commitment to sustainability and local ecology. Gerbing azaleas - a nod to local horticulturist Gustav George Gerbing - were specifically selected to provide a burst of color that harmonizes with the natural surroundings. Trees, donated by Keep Nassau Beautiful, frame the area, promising not just hues of color, but also years of tranquil shade. Work continues westward across 8th Street to unify both sides of the road into a true gateway to our city. New flag poles, lighting, irrigation, and additional landscape elements are being integrated to complete the envisioned design.

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