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First Façade Grant Award by the Fernandina Beach Main Street Program

Theresa Duncan, Fernandina Beach Main Street (FBMS) Board Chair, recently presented its first Façade Improvement Program Matching Grant award to Nathalie Wu with Wicked Bao. The matching grant was used to fund exterior renovations to the building located at 232 N 2nd Street which included restoration of the wood ramp, deck and exterior painting. The grant funded 50% of the project to improve this historic building. Wicked Bao occupies the building that once housed Wicked Davey’s Fancy Saloon and dates back to 1902.


FBMS created the Façade Improvement Program Matching Grant in the fall of last year.

The program is intended to assist property or business owners within the FBMS District

boundaries in beautifying and rehabilitating street-facing exteriors for the purposes of

attracting both customers and prospective business owners and serving as a tool for

maintaining the vitality of the district.


“The creation of this grant program is a key step toward fulfilling our vision for

the Fernandina Beach Main Street district. By making consistent, incremental

improvements to both private and public property, the overall appearance and

experience within the district will improve. We are so excited that our fundraising

efforts have enabled FBMS to make this investment in our local community,” said

Executive Director, Lisa Finkelstein. “We look forward to seeing the impact of this

grant program for years to come.”

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